Nuthampstead Airfield Museum

Donate Memorabilia


If you have items of memorabilia that you would like to donate or loan to the museum.

Please complete our object entry form, and send to us by post or email.



Form No:

Sheet                                      of


Received from:





Tel No:


Owner (if different):





Tel No:


DESCRIPTION OF OBJECT/COLLECTION (note obvious damage, & any related information eg. when, where, or how was it found or used, names, dates & details of the people who made or previously owned it, etc.  Continue on a new sheet if necessary)













                                                                                                                                                Total no. of items


REASON FOR ENTRY (tick as applicable, and sign)


¨     Gift – I offer to give the object(s) listed above to the museum’s governing body.

¨     Sale – I offer to sell the object(s) listed above to the museum’s governing body (price sought £……………..).

¨     Loan – I offer to loan the object(s) listed above for the use of the museum’s governing body for a period of ……….months.

¨     Identification – I leave the object(s) listed above for identification & undertake to collect these no later than 4 weeks from today.


I confirm that the information given on this form is correct to the best of my knowledge and belief, & that I accept the terms and conditions described overleaf.


Signed:                                                                                                                                  Date:




ADDITIONAL AGREEMENT (GIFT/SALES ONLY)  (tick as applicable, and sign)


¨     I, the owner, confirm that I have undisputed title to the object(s) listed above, with full power to dispose of the items and transfer such title to the museum’s governing body, OR

¨     I, the depositor acting on behalf of the owner(s), confirm that the owner(s) have undisputed title to the object(s) listed above, with full power to dispose of the items and transfer such title to the museum’s governing body, & that I am authorised by the owner(s) to act on behalf to that effect.

The title in the objects listed above, & subject to the conditions overleaf, is hereby transferred to the governing body of the museum.


Signed:                                                                                                                                  Date:






Receipt of the object(s) described above is hereby acknowledged.


Signed:                                                                                                                                  Date:



              on behalf of the museum’s governing body



RETURN OF OBJECT TO OWNER (tick as applicable, and sign)


I, the depositor/owner, acknowledge the return of the object(s) described above in a satisfactory condition following:


¨     identification

¨     the end of the period of loan

¨     the museum’s governing body declining to accept the donation, loan or purchase of the object(s)


Signed:                                                                                                                                  Date:




Countersigned (for museum):                                                                                             Date:













For items entering the Nuthampstead Airfield Museum


Conditions of Deposit




The museum will take the same care and precautions for the protection of the item(s) described overleaf, whilst they are in it’s custody as it does for those in it’s permanent collections.  Except in the case of negligence on the part of itself, its officers of employees, the museum’s governing body does not accept liability for loss of, or damage to, or deterioration in, the item(s) described overleaf.  No valuation indicated verbally or written on this form at the time of deposit will be admitted by the museum.


When item(s) are left at the museum for whatever reason, the second copy of this form will be given to the depositor as a receipt.  This must be presented when the item(s) are returned to the owner or their representative.  Both it and the museum file part of the form (third copy) will then be signed by the person receiving the item(s) to acknowledge their receipt in a satisfactory condition.  The owner (or the owner’s representative) and the museum will retain their respective parts of the form.


Enquiries & Identifications


Neither the museum’s governing body, nor it’s officers or employees, can accept any responsibility whatsoever for an opinion that may be expressed on items submitted for examination.  Opinions may be given only to the owner of an item or to the representative of the owner.


Museum staff are not authorised to give valuations, to assist in the disposal of private property, or to express opinions regarding the merits of business firms.


It is the depositor’s responsibility to collect item(s) described overleaf and left for identification within 4 weeks of the date of the form.  In the vent of the item(s) not being collected within that period, the museum’s governing body reserves the right to dispose of the item(s) as it thinks fit after a period of 4 months from the date of the form.




The museum has a collecting policy which limits those items which it may acquire.  Not all offers of loans, gifts or sales can be taken up.  If the museum’s governing body does not accept such an offer, the owner will be advised in writing.  In the event of items not being collected within 4 months of the date of this form, the museum’s governing body reserves the right to dispose of the item(s) as it thinks fit.


In the case of acquisition by the museum’s governing body of the item(s) described on overleaf, by gift or sale, the owner (or the person authorised to act on behalf of the owner) transfers to the museum’s governing body absolute ownership of those items together with any rights of copyright or reproduction held by the owner in respect of those items, without condition other than that the governing body will hold the items on trust for use by its museum for educational purposes to the public benefit and in accordance with those provisions of the Museum Accreditation Standard in force at the time of the gift.


This form acts as a first receipt for material offered for loan; if accepted, loan items will be subject to a separate loan agreement to which additional conditions (including a specific return date and agreed valuation) will apply.  Loans are never accepted for an indefinite period, but may be renewed.


Special Conditions


If special conditions, additional to the above, are agreed between the museum and the owner/depositor these should be recorded on a separate sheet, to which the owner/depositor and an authorised museum representative, must both be signatories.